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FAX over IP Solutions and FAX management solutions

There so many ways in which we receive information: Phone, Email, Sms, MMS etc. Fax being on the oldest forms of communication is still being broadly used by many businesses. We believe that you should keep on using Fax but there is no need to differentiate it from other electronic communication means. We have developed the ultimate fax tool for enterprizes. A fax server receives all incoming faxes and in turn they are converted to e-mail messages and are routed to inboxes. Furthermore, faxes can be automatically categorized and be backed up on the server. No need to print, no more lost faxes.


Case Study: A. Aristotelous Construction

Fax management system.

The company came to us with a direct problem. They receive about 300 fax messages per day and they wanted to eliminate fax printing and ensure delivery of the faxes in electronic form.

We implemented a system which utilizes two phone lines, one for sending faxes and one for receiving, which is also connected on their main copier machine so that employees can send faxes right from the copier.

Each outgoing fax is converted to a pdf saved in the database for later access and logging. Each incoming fax is converted to a pdf and also saved in the database which is synchronized with the company’s contacts. So when a fax comes from a known number, it is placed under the appropriate contact.

The fax management application is again a web based application which allows access to faxes based on user permissions from anywhere.