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Dedicated servers are offered to be used as a secure off-site location to store data, host your website(s), or as CDN for your cloud. Dedicated servers are private and are not being monitored (apart from bandwidth usage or DDOS protection). Our clients use our Dedicated Servers for a variety of services such as Website hosting, data storage/backup, mediastreaming etc.




Dedicated server hosting is one of the best forms of Internet hosting, where the client is allocated an entire server for use in storage of data, website and domain hosting as well as streaming or a content delivery network (CDN) channel for cloud storage. This is completely different from shared hosting where a single server or cloud is shared among several clients. Dedicated hosting services are normally more flexible and convenient than shared hosting since the client or company is given full access and control over the server, including choice of the server's operating system, hardware, bandwidth as well as security features and programme applications. Because they are private, dedicated servers are solely monitored by the client, and the service provider only controls bandwidth usage and offers DDOS protection from harmful attacks and unauthorized access. Using dedicated hosting services offers great benefits to the client, including high performance, tight security, email stability and ease of control.

dedicated server itself is usually a special hardware device that contains a processor, hard disk drive, random access memory and bandwidth capabilities just like any other ordinary sever machine. Each time you purchase server space, your website together with associated software and applications are hosted exclusively on the dedicated server, and you will also be able to install and run some of your favorite programs on the server, a feature that has made this kind of hosting very popular among lovers of Internet games.

There are various types of dedicated servers on the market today and these include Ubuntu servers, Linux servers, centOs servers as well as windows servers. Each server is normally assigned its own unique internet protocol (IP) address and therefore in dedicated hosting your domain's IP will only be allowed to point to your website. This ensures that your applications, website and stored data's loading process is completed within a short time, and that downtime is completely minimized. This however is not true in shared hosting where the IP address is configured to point to all domains and websites that are hosted on the shared server, resulting in shared resources which cause increased downtime and slow loading of data and applications.

With a dedicated server, your storage space can be easily increased to suit your increasing demands as you will be able to get additional bandwidth space, random access memory and also increase your processor speed as your online data and website continue to grow. You may also be allowed to change from one operating system to another, although this is often not recommended because you will need to make several software conversions that may prove to be tedious. You may also experience frequent downtime during configuration of settings on the new operating systems.

Web services and hosting package companies in Cyprus are currently offering dedicated servers as well, whose benefits are obvious as stated above and the costs are often manageable. Just like any other hosting package, you will be provided with several great options to choose from so as to ensure that your website and online backup is always up and running. Depending on your preferences, you will be given assistance in selecting a hosting plan that works for you and best suits your needs. Be sure to get at least one plan that not only meets your budget but also gives you a dedicated server that has all the features required to facilitate smooth operation as well as upgrades and transitions to even better plans.



Cyprus dedicated servers/ VPS services are offered in Amsterdam, Netherlands and also in Nicosia, Cyprus. If you live around these regions, feel free to try out our dedicated servers, which can also be configured basing on your specific hardware requirements, and come complete with an operating system environment, either Windows or Linux.

The hardware that will be used to provide you with hosting is normally supplied by top-tier computer hardware companies such as Dell and HP. This assures you of great reliability and security of your hosting since all the devices purchased from these companies are covered with the provider's support and in case of failure, they will be repaired within a very short time. Before any purchase, it is also ensured that the hardware contains all the important features and you will be assured that no sub standard device will be used to store your data.

The type of operating systems offered on dedicated servers is usually determined by the price, availability and popularity among other factors. Most hosting service providers use a variation of open source operating systems such as UNIX, CentOs, Fedora, OpenBSD and Linux and these are offered at no charge to the client. Commercial operating systems such as the Microsoft Windows Server are also provided as well, but these may result into a more expensive hosting plan.

The most commonly used operating systems are Linux and Windows, and most hosting providers will offer you these 2, which are widely preferred due to their security benefits. Support for these operating systems is always offered as well including updates and security fixes, as well as carrying out vulnerability resolutions on them. However, choosing an operating system for your dedicated server greatly depends on your needs as an individual or company. Besides Windows and Linux, there are several other operating systems that are available to choose from. Clients residing within Cyprus and its environs will have to choose hosting packages that use either Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOs or Ubuntu which is the most common. Recent versions of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system are also available.



From all our hosting plans, you will be able to enjoy several great services including:

1. Award Winning Support
Having a client support system that you can rely upon is always important for your business. If in any case you do not have the required resources and skills to fully manage your dedicated server; you will have dedicated server experts at your disposal to help you understand and teach you how to resolve both hardware as well as software issues.

Overall, server management support is often divided into three categories, these include:
- Fully managed support: This is where you allow your host to monitor your server and make updates to the operating system on your behalf. The hosting provider is also allowed to do general maintenance and manage any reboots on your behalf as well and this may come at an extra cost.
- Self managed support: In such a case, the company handles specific tasks related to dedicated hosting through its staff. These tasks may either be domain or data related. More technical tasks and updates are then handled by the hosting service provider, who will keep monitoring the server on a regular basis while performing necessary maintenance.
- Unmanaged support: This is where the client does all the important server related tasks such as installing the operating system as well as upgrading software and hardware, and also installing security patches. The host will only offer very little help in this case.

Support activities offered by the host are various and often include application management, hardware monitoring, providing firewall services, operating system and antivirus updates as well as server monitoring, carrying out security updates, domain name hosting, database administration, user management among several others. Clients within Cyprus and Netherlands will be able to enjoy 24/7 premium support via phone and live chat. Free email support is also available as well as custom applications that will assist you select an ideal server platform for your business.

2. Free incoming bandwidth:
Free incoming bandwidth means that any uploads you make to your server, be it data storage or updates to your website will not count towards your bandwidth usage and thus your transfer rate will always be at its best. Dedicated service providers ensure that you have quality access to your website and data stored online and since incoming bandwidth is free, only downloads will utilize your bandwidth, keeping your monthly costs down and manageable. In normal cases, 100 % uptime is usually achieved in dedicated server hosting and you will also be given free access to higher web technology and networking facilities.


3. Free KVM Access:
A KVM is a box-like external device that allows you direct access to your dedicated server and manage it using your keyboard, monitor and mouse. With this feature enabled for your hosting plan, you will not need to get in touch with your service provider so as to see what is going on in your server but you will be able to control all aspects of your server from the KVM box. Having a full and free KVM access to your server machine is very essential, especially when you have a problem where you cannot connect directly to your server to without the help of the host company. Free KVM access is available on all the servers and it enables you to also share files between your machine through your connection to the server. You will be offered with a KVM switch that is fast, reliable and easy to use. Most companies offer these devices at a monthly fee and this may make their service costs to be slightly higher than the initial cost quoted for their hosting plans. There are various other tasks that you can carry out using the KVM device including directly streaming video to your website as well as installation of software and applications. Free support for the KVM facility Is normally provided either via email or phone call any time.


4. APC PowerPoint Access:
Each hosting plan comes with free access to the APC PowerPoint services including unique, high quality templates.


5. High Network and Hardware
Dedicated server hosting offers great uptime of up to 99.9 per cent, downtime are usually very minimal and this implies that your domain will be up and running nearly all the time. This is of great advantage to your business as you will not miss on traffic or any important mails. In most cases, downtime will only be as a result of restarting the server or when the host is carrying out scheduled maintenance of your server, which takes only a short time. Clients will thus be able to enjoy custom network solutions that are best suited to their needs as well as a redundant network structure whereby failure of one network will not affect their normal operation. Each client will also be able to view up to date statistics on site traffic from the server's cpanel. High speed access to the internet will be available as well due to the high capacity of the networks (over 500gigabits per second.


6. No Over-Usage fee:
Depending on the level of quality and uptime assurances, dedicated hosting plan charges cost from as low as 30 us dollars per month to as high as 250 us dollars. Most of these charges are hidden and not included in the initial agreement. However, you will be able to get great offers at very cheap prices, and in case you exceed your bandwidth usage no extra charges will be included in your monthly charges.


7. Clear Service Level Agreements (SLA):
Service level agreements are normally contracts between the hosting provider and the customer that outlines terms and services that the host will be able to provide. A good domain or server hosting provider will always issue you with an SLA certificate for future reference and to ensure that you are offered with all the services that you are promised. Generally, an SLA may specify the percentage of time that the hosting services will be available as well as a schedule of notification in advance of any changes that may affect you as a client.

8. Uncomprimised Security
Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers usually use extreme security measures to ensure that your data and website information stored on the cloud or network is safe and free from unauthorized access. Most servers usually have various software programs installed for the purposes of scanning systems and networks for spammers, hackers and other harmful problems such as viruses, worms, crashers and Trojans. The operating system such as windows and Linux also ensure that you are offered adequate security protection through firewalls and defense systems. Your server will also be secured using encrypted applications so that no one except you can have access. No chance will be given to any malicious and untrusted applications and you will be given various options to enforce your access rights to a level of your satisfaction.