IT & Consulting Services


Our primary target is to give advice on how to run your company in an efficient manner and utilize the most of cost effective technology, competing other business in Cyprus, we believe you deserve to have and work in the most efficient manner. We strive to understand the personality and expectations of our client, the company organization and all other stakeholders.

We use standard methodology (such as Six Sigma) and system analysis to identify the current processes and strategies. In turn, we analyse our findings and present you a number of options for saving man hours via custom automations and software/hardware costs. All options are presented to the client with a detailed scope, exact cost and a time-frame of the project.

While most consulting firms prefer out of the box solutions we highly utilise open source software whenever possible and perform custom implementations which can save you on software licences, support costs from big firms and acquiring software which you don’t need.


A big aspect of consulting is “change”. Moving from one software platform to another can be a painstaking process. Clients often have to decide whether moving to a new platform or new process will create more serious problems.

We create solutions that are feasible and we are prepared with an arsenal of high end tools which enable us to make the switch a transparent process. Some examples include:

1. Database migrations.

2. E-mail host migrations.

3. Network restructuring.

4. Application migrations.

5. Data process automations.

6. Remote IT Support.

7. Hardware Virtualization.

8. Telephony via IP (VoIP).

Furthermore, what differentiates us from most consulting firms is that we are the coders and engineers. We don’t rely to others to develop the project. We understand the technology and rely on our stuff to execute what was planned. Most consultants today will recommend various options from findings on the internet. This can lead to unnecessary expenses and limited support when you need it. With us, every implementation is custom made, supported by professional documentation and training your own stuff whenever needed.


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