Custom made and Bispoke Software Development Cyprus


  • Model-Driven

  • Component-Oriented & Cross-Browser Safe

  • Mobile & Touch Device Support

  • Run on Any Server - Web based and Java back end

  • Cost Effective Licensing Model

  • Offline & Desktop Capable

  • Incremental Upgrade Ready

  • Pure Client-Side AJAX and MVC Architecture


Case Study

Online Banking Integrator

bridges the gap between banking and accounting

The system makes the job of the accountant more efficient by consolidating into a single web interface banking statements of many banks for many customers.

It syncs automatically with banks and retrieves account transactions and allows the client and accountant to add explanatory notes and supporting documentation to each transaction.

The system features a User Management were the Master Administrator can assign customers and their bank accounts to a specific accountant, so only that accountant views the bank account statements.

The system comes with a synthetic advanced filter capable of producing accurate reports based on keywords, date range, multiple accounts, tags and categories.

The accountant can just select the transactions that need supporting documentation and send them at once from the application to the customer’s e-mail.