Software Development Cyprus

Software development in Cyprus and usage has changed dramatically over the last five years. Traditionally software was done by developers, based on a firm agreement between the client and the developing company, then presented to the client who in turn gave feedback, and at last, back to development to finalize what was agreed initially.

Unfortunately this method of creating software demanded that everything were to be thought and planned ahead, any change requested by the client would simple mean increasing the development costs and frustration over the fact that “this is not what we had agreed”.

On the other hand, the client demands applications that cover all scenarios of work processes. These scenarios are hard to predict and thus hard to plan and document in initial agreements. Eventually, the developers had to choose between two troublesome ways of implementation.

A - Desktop applications and B - Web based applications.

  1. Desktop applications are hard to develop, much like creating a building, but are rich in features and run fast on the client’s computer. Any changes require that the software should be compiled again and tested for compatibility with the rest of the software, before deliver it to the client. That is a costly and pain striking procedure!


  1. Web based application do not require this cycle of work, but they were poor in features, hard to implement, security was a big issue and the infrastructure was straggling to support it.

So what has changed? Over the last few years, a huge advancement of the frameworks for web based applications has brought web application development to the front stage, while the infrastructure (see amazon cloud, Google App Engine etc) has grown to support it. Today, we see phenomenal applications that run in our browsers, mobile phones, etc, rich in features while traditional programming languages such as Java have adapted to support them.

We as a company, a few years back, have carefully chosen and focused on some of the most efficient frameworks for Cyprus web application development and have prepared for today’s demand by gradually building a strong software knowledge base of reusable code which empowers us to create applications faster than others that tailor directly to the modern Cyprus business’s needs.

Therefore, our development costs are significantly lower than of other companies that still develop in the traditional manners and we are flexible to implement application changes when requested by our clients.

We develop software during direct communication and interaction with our clients, allowing them to lead the way. The client asks for a modification or a change to what has been implemented and the change happens seamlessly on the cloud, while the client views the new version in the browser. Our philosophy is simple, “the clients shape the business application to their need”.

Furthermore, we specialize in utilizing open source software which simply relinquishes the client from those expensive licenses. Open source software has proven and grown to be robust and supported by enormous knowledge base on the internet. It is simply a matter of having experienced engineers and programmers to fine tune it for the application needs. Cyprus’ businesses run by comparison to scales much smaller than of those in the United States. Surprisingly though, we observe the same enterprise size implementations in organizations and companies which result to increased IT costs. We help many businesses reduce IT licensing related costs by choosing software that it is just right for the size of the company or organization, only for a fraction of the cost.